Bridges to Success Adult Mentoring Program

by Action for a Better Community (ABC)

Region 2 · Rochester, New York
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In the Bridges to Success Adult Mentoring Program (BTOS), professional mentors partner with participants to identify socio-economic needs and set goals and action plans for advancement across a comprehensive range of socio-economic determinants (i.e., family
stability, health and wellness, skills and education, financial security, and jobs). The Mobility Mentor role cultivates a trusting relationship with the participant based on an agreed mentoring schedule. The program takes an asset-based approach, recognizing
participant strengths and working to complement them by connecting the program participant with community resources. Further, the program provides incentives to support the participant’s goal achievement.

The core BTOS team consists of three partner nonprofit agencies: Catholic Family Center, Community Place of Greater Rochester, and Action for a Better Community (ABC).



Action for a Better Community (ABC)

400 West Avenue
Rochester, New York 14604

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